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Emperor Penguin (Year 2)

Welcome to Emperor Penguin class! 

Key Dates:

PE - Every Tuesday

Outdoor Learning- Thursday 27th January


Star of the Week - Friday 21st January 2022


Well done to Ronnie, who was awarded Star of the Week today. Ronnie always perseveres with his work and follows all class rules. Well done for being an absolute superstar!!




Who will be our next Star of the Week? yeslaugh

Week beginning 17.01.22 - London's Burning!

What a fabulous start to our topic on the Great Fire of London. The children have engaged so well with our new theme and know SO much already about the events surrounding the Great fire. Take a look at our amazing London silhouettes. Can your child tell you when and where the fire started? 

Sea Life Adventure - Wednesday 12th January

Year Two had a wonderful day at the Sea Life Adventure this week. We saw lots of amazing creatures and learnt so many new facts! I am so proud of their excellent behaviour. Well done, Year Two. Here is a snapshot of our fabulous day.


Origami - Friday 14th January

Today, we worked really hard and persevered on making our own origami crab. We had to follow each step carefully and although it was extremely tricky at times, the children were so resilient and didn't give up. Take a look at these, aren't they amazing? 

Our classroom!

Star Award

The children in Year 2 completed their first times table test this week focusing on their multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. These children have done exceptionally well achieving their star award and will be moving onto the bronze challenge next week!

Our final sculptures

We hope you enjoy looking at our masterpieces inspired by Jill Townsley! We worked collaboratively to build a structure out of rubber bands and plastic spoons.

Star of the Week & Hot Chocolate Friday!


As the children have been exploring the work of Jill Townsley, they had a go at using the same materials to build their own structures. They learnt how Jill Townsley used the same items repetitively to create different installations. The children had to work together using plastic spoons and rubber bands to make a standing sculpture. 

Spaghetti & Marshmallow Structures in the style of Jill Townsley

This week, the children have been very inspired by the British sculptor Jill Townsley. She uses everyday objects, including plastic spoons, rubber bands and broom bristles to create large-scale sculptures. We have mirrored her style of using repetitive movements, but switched the objects to spaghetti and marshmallows! 


Minnie, Mickey & Peppa Pig celebrating fantastic attendance!


Race to the South Pole

Emperor Penguin class enjoyed learning about the Amundsen expedition crew who beat Scott and his team to the South Pole. They experienced their own race which included weaving in and out of cones, bouncing on the space hoppers and jumping over hurdles. The children will be reflecting on these experiences when writing their diary entries. 

A mysterious visitor at Eastwood Primary School...

After writing their persuasive letters to join the crew of 1914, Emperor Penguin class were visited by 'Ernest Shackleton' who travelled all the way from Antarctica! The children have been given their roles - some are cooks, artists, scientists, carpenters or sailors - and they have been considering what they would take with them on this very exciting journey!

Animal Day

We had lots of fun dressing up for Animal Day. Take a look at our fantastic costumes!


As part of our learning about Ernest Shackleton, we thought of reasons for and against being part of Shackleton's crew. We performed a 'conscience alley' to try and influence a fellow explorer!


We have spent lots of time sketching, using charcoal to create the look of ruffled feathers and merging watercolours together to create a magical background. We hope you enjoy looking through our artwork! 

Week 1

In class, we have been learning lots of facts about Emperor Penguins and have discovered that they are very nurturing animals. The male penguins endure drastic weather conditions and spend several months without food. Despite this, they are still determined to keep their eggs safe and warm. We had a little practise of doing this for ourselves.. it was quite tricky! As artists, we have been busy creating a magical watercolour background, merging colours together as well as sketching our class animal. Next week, we will be using charcoal to add definition to our sketches.