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Eastwood Primary School & Nursery

Nurture. Grow. Achieve

Ethos and Values

We have a strong ethos that runs through all of our work at the school. These values are also our form our curriculum intent. By making these values part of everything we do at school, we nurture all of our children and families. 

  • Nurture – We are a very caring school and believe everyone has the right to be nurtured. A Year 5 child described nurture as "really caring for each other, and then a bit more" – and we agree with him!

  • Grow – We want our children to grow into independent, strong and responsible citizens.
  • Achieve – We aim for everyone at Eastwood to achieve academically, personally and socially. Academic success is very important to us and we strive hard to ensure all children reach their potential.
  • Challenge for All – We aim to challenge every child and nurture them in their next steps for progress. Our goal is to bring out the best in every child, helping them reach their personal targets.
  • Learning and Teaching – Our lessons are taught to an excellent standard, with an emphasis on helping every child achieve their goals. Fun and exciting lessons motivate children to learn.
  • Celebrating Success – We encourage all children to take the small steps needed to achieve their own personal successes. No matter how big or small, we praise the achievements of every child.
  • Broad and Balanced Education – We value academic learning highly at the school, but also understand how important a broad and balanced education is. Our extra-curricular clubs, sports and varied education cater for all sorts of interests and talents and help the children expand their interests.
  • Creative Thinkers – We encourage our children to be independent, creative thinkers and to take sensible risks. This helps the children grow and develop skills for leadership and teamwork.
  • Positive Behaviour – Our nurturing principles lead our behaviour policy. We promote equality and diversity, and expect children to behave in a thoughtful, respectful way. We teach our children to understand the consequences of their actions and how important it is to have rules and boundaries.
  • Care for Child and Family – The progress and well-being of our children and their families is at the heart of everything we do. We support families with the Olympic Room for tea and coffee, parenting classes, and an open-door policy for families to discuss any issues. We also offer many courses, based on the requests of parents and carers, such as Maths, English, and 'How to help your child in school'.