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Paddington (Nursery)

Welcome to Paddington Class

We hope this page gives you an insight into the fabulous world of Nursery. 

Important Dates

Outdoor Learning

 Please send your child into Nursery wearing warm, waterproof clothes and a spare pair of shoes to change into. If the weather is warm, please provide a summer hat and apply sun cream before the start of the school day. These are only for children who normally attend these sessions regularly. All children will have the opportunity to take part in Outdoor Learning before the end of the school year.


  • Monday 28th June- Morning and Afternoon Sessions
  • Thursday 8th July - Morning and Afternoon Sessions



Where’s Wally?

Nature Art

After learning about bees, we took a walk around the school grounds to see if we could spot any bees collecting their nectar. We were amazed at how the wild flowers have grown in Mr Moore’s outdoor classroom! The children used some long grass as natural paintbrushes. Look at this fantastic art using nature. 

How do bees make honey?

Mrs Sherlock brought in some real comb from inside a beehive. We looked carefully at the shapes that make up the comb and there was even some honey left inside! We then learned all about how bees collect the pollen which they turn into honey. Can your child explain why they do the waggle dance? 

We’ve got the power!

Still image for this video

This morning we performed the song ‘Power in Me’ alongside the whole school on the field. It was very special. 

Solving problems

The wind made it very tricky for us to build our walls without falling down. The children asked for some cement to solve this problem so the grown ups provided shaving foam. We definitely have mini construction workers in the making! 

A windy Friday...

Wow, what a windy day we had on Friday. Look at these wonderful kites that we made! 

Week beginning 17th May 2021

We have been busy planting beans and watching them grow! The children can explain what plants need to grow and have completed some amazing writing and artwork. Well done, Paddington Class. 

Outdoor Learning Friday 14th May

We had an amazing day with Mr Moore on Friday. The morning began with reinforcing our learning on the 5 senses by exploring the outdoor learning area using our eyes, noses, hands and ears. We had to listen very carefully to the sounds around us and also to important safety instructions. The children learned to walk around the edge of the fire circle to stay safe. When using the magnifying glasses, we were able to look for living things around us such as spiders, woodlice and ants. Under a log, a chafer grub was hiding! During the afternoon, we worked with Mr Moore to identify different types of trees. The children were able to to use their initial sounds they have been learning to help name the trees....we had a Harry Hawthorn, Poppy Pine, Ezra Elder, Roo Rowan and Stanley Sycamore. Whilst Mr Moore played his guitar, we listened carefully and got to see the blue tits fly in and out of their nest. What a great day! 


Can you spot the bird fly in and out of it’s nest?

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We enjoyed clapping to the beat of the guitar music.

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Week beginning 3rd May

We have been busy exploring the 5 senses this week. The children took a sound walk around school, tasted a range of flavours and touched different textures. We tried to use lot of exciting words to describe what we could see, hear, smell, touch and taste. 

Week beginning 26th April

What an exciting week we have had, learning all about growing, changing and life cycles. The chicks came to visit us on Thursday. We were all very confident explaining how the chicks grow and where they came from. This led us on to discussing the life cycles of other living things and how baby animals grow. The children were fascinated to learn that one of the adults in Reception has a baby growing in her tummy! Finally, we explored the life cycles of frogs and are excited to visit the school pond next week to look out for frogspawn and tadpoles. 

St George’s Day

Friday 23rd April was St George’s Day. The children listened to the story about Saint George who fought the dragon. We then heard the story of “The dragon who came to stay”. Overnight, a dragon visited our school and laid some eggs but couldn’t remember where she laid them. The class took a tour of the school and managed to find them. We decided to write a letter to Mummy dragon, explaining where she could find her eggs. 

Week beginning 19th April

On Thursday, we learned all about Earth Day. The children fully engaged with the story of ‘Somebody swallowed Stanley’ (The tale of a carrier bag’s journey through the ocean). They were able to explain the importance of caring for our planet and then went on to remove polluting items from our very own mini ocean.

Week beginning 12th April

This week we have been reading stories all about bees. We especially enjoyed ‘The bumblebear’. Look at our fantastic bee pictures that we made.
On Thursday, we took a walk around the school grounds and explored the different areas of the school. 

We are amazing writers in Nursery 😊

Special achievements...


Some of our children have managed to keep this plant alive for a year since taking it home from Nursery. How amazing is that?



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