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Admissions Policy


The nursery has 26 (full time equivalent) places, with morning and afternoon slots available. Pupils are eligible for admission to the nursery the term after their third birthday, without reference to ability or aptitude. 

Places are allocated according to the school's admissions policy laid out below. As our nursery is often oversubscribed, successful applications for a September place will be notified on the national offer day in April, in line with the main school. All applications after this date will be confirmed or placed on the waiting list, according to availability of places.

Where space permits, we have additional pupil intakes after Christmas and Easter.

Please contact Southend admissions service on 01702 212934 or Mrs S Hood on 01702 525137 or to discuss admissions to the nursery.


The primary school has one pupil intake into Reception each year. Pupils are admitted to the school the September before their fifth birthday, without reference to ability or aptitude.

Admission applications close in January each year.

There are 60 admissions into Reception each year. The primary school has a total capacity of 420 pupils.

Applications should be made by contacting Southend admissions team on 01702 212934 or for further information please telephone Mrs S Hood 01702 525137 or email

We hold a meeting for all prospective parents in the summer term before admission.

For further information regarding school admissions please contact the Local Education Authority to find out more about our admissions arrangements.


Open Days

There is an open day for prospective parents to come and take a look at the school and our work every October, before the close of admissions in January. We will post specific details about future open days closer to the date.

We welcome visitors to the school at any time of the year. Get in touch and we will be delighted to arrange for you to see the school in action.


We have the same oversubscription policy for the primary school and nursery. When the number of applications is more than the number of places available, we use the following criteria to decide which children are admitted:

  • Pupils who are in the care of the local authority.
  • Pupils who, at the time of admission, live in the Eastwood Primary School and Nursery catchment area and have an older brother or sister at the school.
  • Pupils who live in the Eastwood Primary School and Nursery catchment area.
  • Pupils who live outside the Eastwood Primary School and Nursery catchment area and have an older brother or sister at the school.
  • Pupils who live outside the Eastwood Primary School and Nursery catchment area.

Notes on Oversubscription

  • In the event of oversubscription in any one category, the older child by school term will be given preference. If there is no difference in age by school term, then ‘straight line’ distance will be used, measured with the local authority’s computerised measuring system. Those living nearer will be given priority. If the pupil’s home is a flat, the distance will be measured to the main external entrance of the building. If more than one pupil shares the same distance and only one place is available, the place will be awarded based on a computerised random allocation process (supervised by an independent representative of the Council/governing body).
  • The address must be the child’s primary residence; parents may be asked to provide documentary evidence with regard to residency.
  • A sibling is a brother or sister, half-brother or half-sister, step-brother or step-sister, adopted brother or adopted sister, living at the same address, who attends the school at the time of application with a reasonable expectation that he or she will be attending at the time of the proposed admission. Twins and children from multiple births when one of the siblings is the 30th child admitted count as an excepted pupil for the time they are in an infant class, or until the class numbers fall back to the current infant class size limit.
  • Nursery: In the case of oversubscription within any one of the above categories, priority will be given according to the date when the pupil was placed on the waiting list. Whenever a space becomes available during the school year, this policy will be followed to determine which pupil will be offered that space.
  • Children with a statement of special educational need that names the school will be admitted outside the above arrangements, but within the overall place number.


If we are unable to offer the child a place at the school, the Pupil Access Team will send details of the appeals process to the family.

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