The school reception is open from 8:00AM - 4:00PM

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Code of Behaviour

We base our behaviour policy on nurture. We expect all our children to care for each other, behave well, and show respect at all times. The school teaches the children to understand that their actions do have consequences, and how important it is to have boundaries in life. This is an important part of growing up.

Everything we do promotes nurture, respect, equality and diversity. By teaching the importance of these values, we prepare our children to grow into good, responsible citizens of the future. They leave the school with a strong understanding of how they will be expected to behave in the wider world.

School Rules

The teachers and children have some agreed school rules:

  • At Eastwood, we persevere with our learning.
  • At Eastwood, we are kind to ourselves and others.
  • At Eastwood, we keep ourselves and others safe.


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