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Covid 19 information and Remote Learning

Please find below information regarding Covid 19, support for emotional and welbeing needs due to Covid 19 and remote learning. You will also find attached websites and further information to support you. Eastwood Primary School and Nursery will provide further support for remote learning through Office Teams, our school APP and through the schools Facebook page. 

Please find attached below a quick guide to support you should your family have any sickness or absence in relation to Covid 19, which includes:

-what you should do if your child has symptoms of Covid 19 or tests positive for Covid 19 

-If your child lives with someone who has Covid 19 symptoms or tests positive for Covid 19

-If your family is quarantining due to Covid 19

-If your family has received details regarding self isolation based on test and trace

-If you receive details regarding your child needing to shield due to Covid 19

-If your child has symptoms not related to Covid 19


Covid 19

Please find below information from the DFE for parents and carers regarding support during Covid 19

Most up to date guidance for parents and carers: click here

Latest stay at home guidance for households with possible Covid 19: click here

Easy read how when to isolate:click here

Stay at home guidance if living with a vulnerable person: click here


In this section you will find links to documents and hyperlinks to websites that will support your child's learning at home.


Online ebook to share with your child that teaches them in a child friendly way about the current situation - click here

Children commision - click here

EDPSY.ORG.UK - website links supporting children at home dealing with the psychological effects related to the current pandemic - click here

Southend Educational Psychology Service - links to websites, supporting pdf packs, social stories and local links regarding supporting children with worries or anxiety regarding the Corona Virus - click here

EEF: Website from the Education Endowment Fund with ideas to support families during lockdown including ideas to support home learning, reading and building daily routines - click here


Hamilton home learning packs contain links to all cross curricular areas of study for all year groups. Pack are created for all year groups on a week by week updated basis - click here

Cambridgeshire home learning packs for all year groups - click here

Classroom secrets: downloadable learning packs for all primary ages - click here 


Oak National Academy: DFE funded home learning  learning resources for all year groups- click here 

BBC Bitesize Daily: Daily short video clips of wide curriculum learning - click here 

TES: 57 free resources for home learning - click here

BBC Bitsize: online games and videos linked to all areas of the curriculum and year groups - click here

Topmarks: A range of games and quizzes for lots of different curriculum areas - click here

Purple watermelon:Purple Watermelon is a site that provides engaging ideas, challenges, mindfulness and assemblies for parents - click here 

Purple Mash: Curriculum linked downlaodable activities - click here

BBC Newsround: videos and reading regarding the news - click here

Education quizzes: a range of online quizzes -

Ducksters: History, geography and science facts and quizzes for KS1 and KS2-

Third space learning: infomration for parents on how to support home learing in maths - click here 

Twinkl: Home support and worksheets for home learning for all year groups- click here

Harry Potter at home: Learn about the world of JK Rowling with quizzes, activities and stories - click here

Primary Stars: Premier League football related curriculum links - click here


Cbeebies: TV programmes, games and learning especially for the early years - click here

Letters and Sounds: A link to resources and information about our phonics scheme - click here

Phonics play: This currently free to join site has lots of phonic based games and activities - click here

Bean stalk: Lots of interactive materials for children aged 1 to 6. They are offering free full access with live classes and on demand classes parents just need to sign up.- click here

Twinkl:Use the code UKTWINKLHELP for free access to resources - click here 

Tutortastic: This site will lead you to a wealth of websites to support home learning - click here

Phonics play comics - click here


Elevenses with the world of David Walliams: Audio books for KS2 children - click here

Storytime With Nick: Daily online stories for all ages- click here

Audible: Online audiobooks for EYFS to KS2 - click here 

Authorfy: Access to authors texts and their explanations and work surrounding it for KS1 and KS2- click here

Pobble365: daily updated pictures and ideas for creative writing - click here

Michael Rosen You Tube: Lots of video's supporting the reading of short stories and poetry - click here 

Talk for writing: free year group supported talk for writing Pie Corbett packs - click here

Bug Club: online reading supporting and texts - login click here

Love Reading 4 Kids: book recommendations for children of all ages- click here

Spell Zone: spelling games and tools linked to year groups- click here

First news: Provides schools with a unique platform for news-based learning. Free subscription and resources during closures - click here 

First News - free news paper for children at present specifically for KS2- click here 

The children's poetry archive: lots of children's poetry in audio book versions - click here

The Day Newspaper: daily child related news feeds- click here


Maths No Problem - online resources and support for parents for children of all ages - click here 

Top Marks: a variety of maths related games for all ages - click here

Number Blocks: key stage 1 and EYFS videos and activities - click here

Third space learning: resources and links to help parents and children with home learning in maths for all key stages- click here 

Times Table Rockstars: online times table practise - login click here

Top marks: a range of onlin eresources to support maths learning at home across a range of areas of maths and broken into skills - click here

My Mini Maths: Daily updated arithmetic and reasoning questions for Key Stage 2 - click here

Maths Zone: Online games to support learning across all year groups - click here 

Maths Is Fun: Online guide that shows children and parents methods for solving a range of mathematic problems - click here 

10 Minute Maths At Home: Number Facts Paper Flip - click here

How To Help Your Child Learn Times Tables At Home: A Parent's Guide To Multiplication At Primary School - click here

How To Teach Your Child Fractions At Home: Helping You To Understand KS2 Fractions For Kids -click here

How To Help Your Child When Comparing Fractions, Decimals, And Percentages KS2- click here

A Parent’s Guide: How To Help Your Child With Short Division and Long Division Explained KS2 - click here 

What To Do When Your Child Is Struggling With Learning Maths: Advice For Parents KS1 and KS2- click here



BBC Bitesize: activities and videos for all ages - click here 

Science Kids: experiments, quizzes and facts for children to try and learn at home - click here

How Stuff Works: Fun science projects to try at home with an adult: click here

NASA Kids Club: learn about space with games and facts for KS1 and KS2- click here


Education quizzes: Select the KS1 option from the home page and there are lots of activities here which will help your child recall previous learning - click here


National Geographic Kids: games, videos, quizzes and facts for children to learn KS1 and KS2- click here


BBC History: games, videos and reading regarding historic topics KS1 and KS2- click here

Horrible Histories: games, videos and facts about a range of historical periods - click here


Scratch: Create your own games using this online programming tool - click here

Shaun's Game Academy: learn how to make your own online games - click here


Boogie Beebies: EYFS PE videos - click here

Disney 10 minute shake ups: 10 minute videos linked to Disney films and characters - click here

Super Moovers: PE videos for all ages - click here 


BBC Bitesize - a selection of videos linked to the KS2 French curriculum - click here


Brain parade - a visual instruction app, including flash cards and picture-choosing games, for children with autism and special need - click here

Helpkidzlearn -a collection of games and resources designed for a range of educational needs and stages. It includes provision for school closure - click here

Visuals2go - an all-in-one app created to support people with communication and learning difficulties. For verbal and non-verbal learners - click here

Active learn primary - the Rapid Reading and Rapid Phonics programmes focus on accelerating progress in reading skills for pupils with dyslexia and with low levels of literacy. Designed for teachers, but suitable for parents too - click here

Inclusive teach - downloadable and printable accessible teaching resources for parents and teachers to support pupils with a range of SEND needs, including Autism, PMLD, SLCN, MLD, SLD - click here

Speach and language kids - an extensive range of education and therapy resources for parents and teachers of children with speech and language problems. A podcast is also available on iTunes for verbal and non-verbal children - click here

The autism page - online support and information aimed at supporting parents with young autistic children. Information and ideas to support the implementation of autism specific teaching methods - click here


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