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The Curriculum

Learning and teaching at Eastwood Primary School and Nursery is based on a creative approach to the National Curriculum. We believe that rich experiences create rich minds.

Therefore we teach a fun and exciting 21st century curriculum that promotes:

  • initiative
  • independence
  • creativity
  • problem solving
  • research skills

Planning is based on the 2014 National Curriculum for all subjects.

When teaching phonics, we follow the Letters and Sounds programme.

The main reading scheme used throughout the school is Oxford Reading Tree.


Our lessons are balanced for the different needs and learning styles of our children. Some learn better from active lessons, others by reading, while others respond especially well as listeners. That is why our teaching covers everything from the highly practical to the more ‘formal’ (learning timetables by rote, for instance) and 11+ preparation lessons for those taking the exam.

Eastwood’s Curriculum Approach

Changes in the National Curriculum
In September 2014, the Government introduced a new National Curriculum, with a great deal of fresh content and ambitious expectations of learning. It is designed to provide children with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that they require as citizens of Great Britain.
In addition, the National Curriculum provides statutory programmes of study for each subject, stating which content which should be taught to pupils in each stage of learning.

The manner in which schools assess learning has also changed dramatically. Levels have been removed and will not be replaced. Partially this is due to a shift in perception about levels: that children should master the skills that they have been taught rather than merely racing through the curriculum without gaining a secure understanding of what they have learnt.
Although the content has been stipulated by the Government and Statutory Assessments will continue to be prescribed, schools are free to assess the skills acquired in each subject, at each stage of learning, in whatever manner they deem appropriate.
We have been urged to ensure that by the time children leave Eastwood Primary, they are ‘Secondary ready’. In other words, that they are equipped with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding required for their next stage of learning when they leave our school.

The Eastwood Curriculum

As a result, the staff of Eastwood Primary School and Nursery have developed a bespoke curriculum package which sets out essential coverage, learning objectives and standards which are required for all subjects. Furthermore, it ensures a broad coverage of all curriculum areas while also providing opportunities for deepening knowledge and skills in every subject area which is progressive throughout the school.

At Eastwood Primary, we want to challenge our children to become independent, well-rounded individuals who take ownership of their learning and become deep thinkers. Moreover, we want our children to be able to apply their knowledge and skill set in a range of contexts within school and real life.

Below you can access the long term plans for each year group and medium term plans for the current term. We have also provided parent overviews for a snapshot of what the children's learning will look like in school and how parents can support their children at home. This goes alongside the creative homework they are set at the beginning of each term.

If you require further information about our curriculum please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.





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