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Eastwood Primary School & Nursery

Nurture. Grow. Achieve

Ethos and School Rules

School Ethos 

Nurture. Grow. Achieve. 


At Eastwood Primary School and Nursery, we strive to nurture children and their families through secure and positive relationships. We want our children to grow academically, socially and emotionally in order to recognise their aspirations and achieve their full potential. 


As our ethos makes clear, our school is a safe space for all children to persevere, aspire and grow. Eastwood Primary School is an inclusive space where respect and kindness are in all that we do. We are nurtured, in order to grow, so that we can achieve.  


School Rules


At Eastwood, we provide a nurturing  and respectful environment where all children can achieve, we follow these rules:

  •  At Eastwood we are kind to ourselves and others
  • At Eastwood we keep ourselves and others safe
  • At Eastwood we persevere with our learning