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Eastwood Primary School & Nursery

Nurture. Grow. Achieve

Our Staff

We have over 65 staff at Eastwood and they all contribute to our nurturing ethos.


Our teachers pride themselves in their subject knowledge and skill at adapting lessons to the needs of every child in the class. All members of staff are committed to our vision of ‘achievement for all’. They nurture the talents of every child at the school, helping them to achieve their own personal successes.


As a school, we value and foster strong partnerships with our families.  Parents/Carers are encouraged to e-mail the school or telephone to make a convenient appointment with their child's class teacher.


Senior Leadership Team 

Mrs Perman



Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Bradford

Deputy Head Teacher 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Baker

Deputy Head Teacher

Miss Dane

EYFS and Year 1 Lead 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Reception Teacher

Miss Pickrell

Year 5 and 6 Lead 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Pupil Premium

Year 6 Teacher

Miss Duff

Year 6

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Lead

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Kingham


Pastoral Lead

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Horsnell

Year 2,3, 4 Lead

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Year 3 teacher 


Teaching and Learning Staff
Year Group  

Teaching Staff

(Subject responsibility)

Learning Support Staff              



Mrs Sherlock (Outdoor Learning)

Mrs Philp (Music)

Mrs Batt (HLTA   MDA )

Mr Francis (HLTA   D.D.S.L  MDA )                 

Mrs Murdoch (HLTA)

Mrs Sims (HLTA)

Miss Smith (HLTA  MDA)

Mrs Spall (HLTA  MDA)

Miss Storey (HLTA)

Mr Thompson (HLTA and PE Lead  MDA)

Mrs Tyrrell (HLTA)

Mrs Norris (MDA)

Mrs Wood (MDA)

Mrs Breen (MDA)

Mrs Cartwright (MDA)

Mrs Cornish (MDA)

Miss Daly (MDA)

Mrs Gray (MDA)

Miss Grover (D.D.S.L) 

Mrs Kaufman  








Miss Dane (EYFS)

Mrs Haynes (Art)

Miss Allison (DT)

Year 1


Mrs Arnold

Mrs Eddington (R.E)

Miss Hooper ( IT)

Year 2 



Miss Woolcott (Geography)

Mrs Peterson (Phonics)

Miss Unwin (English team)

Year 3 



Miss Horsnell (English Team)

Mr Conder (Learning environment) 

Year 4 


Miss Cain (Maths)

Miss Holdaway (History)

Year 5



Miss Duff 

Miss Miller (English) 

Year 6 


Miss Pickrell 

Mrs Mason (PHSE/SMCS)


Mrs Wand (Music)

Miss Jackson ( Outdoor learning)



Inclusion / Pastoral Team 

Miss Bolton-Smith


Child and Family Support Worker

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - D.D.S.L

Mr Moore 

Outdoor Learning Champion

Mr FrancisHLTA   D.D.S.L                                                   





Mrs Hayden

School Secretary and Attendance Officer

Mrs Hood


Pupil Welfare Officer

Mrs Woodgate 



Administration Officer

Extended Schools 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs McKeown

Finance Officer


Site Management

Mr Skinner

Site Manager                                       

Mr Harrison

Assistant Caretaker
Mr BrowneTemporary Site Manager



Mrs Etherton

Catering Manager                                    

Mrs Daly

Mrs Daniels

Miss Paine