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Our Curriculum

At Eastwood, we aim to capture and nurture a love of learning. We strongly believe that learning should be exciting, memorable and challenging. We teach via a CPA approach (concrete, pictorial, abstract) to allow children to explore new concepts in engaging and creative ways. Children are regularly immersed in concrete experiences to inspire their love of learning and develop a fascination about the world.  


Extensive research has gone into our bespoke and progressive curriculum. It has been carefully planned and sequenced and provides a rich and engaging programme of study. Themes have been carefully selected to ensure a layering of knowledge between terms and year groups so that children are constantly revisiting, reflecting and building on prior knowledge. Whilst we do teach some subjects discretely, most subjects are taught as part of a cross-curricular approach to encourage our children to discover connections.  


Our ambitious curriculum is enriched with many opportunities so that all of our children can gain the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.  


If you require further information about our curriculum please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.


Teaching and Learning


 We want our curriculum to spark curiosity in our children and foster their love of learning. It is essential that each of our children can feel that the curriculum relates to them. They need to understand why they are learning about certain things, people and events and they should see the relevance to their own lives.


We make the most of our local area and local experts who add further depth to the learning. Visit opportunities are planned to link to and enhance learning. We take advantage of specific geographical and historical features of our location where they lend themselves to topics that our children learn about.


We utilise authentic audiences to engage our children fully in their learning. Where relevant, outdoor learning is used to bring lessons to life and give the children 'real' and related experiences outside the classroom's walls.



Reading is at the heart of our curriculum. The majority of reading and writing lessons are taught through our curriculum topics. Each year group has texts that link to the geography or history themes being taught that term and the children's writing will develop from their reading and research. Sometimes, explicit teaching of key reading or writing skills such as skimming and scanning or fronted adverbials may be required but again, this is usually done through the curriculum.


In EYFS and Key Stage 1, phonics lessons are taught based on the Letters and Sounds structure but we incorporate different strategies to keep lessons engaging for the children. 


The main reading scheme used throughout the school is Oxford Reading Tree.


Inclusive and challenging

We want our curriculum to demonstrate the richness of the world we live in to our children. It should broaden their horizons and show them what they can achieve. It should open up our children to experiences, knowledge and role models so that we can lift them up out of our familiar context and gain the kind of perspective that comes from encountering new, different situations.


Our curriculum offers a range of opportunities for all learners, regardless of their ages or starting points. We believe that, as long as the conditions are correct, all children seek challenges. We believe the maxim high challenge, low threat sums up our approach succinctly.


We want our children to see the value in making mistakes when they are being fully stretched intellectually - this is when learning occurs. However we choose to differentiate our curriculum, we do not do this according to 'ability' or put a cap on the learning for some children. The learning materials we prepare should contain cognitive challenge because this is the heart of learning; new material has to be demanding enough to be struggled with.


We believe in supporting our children to all follow the same course of work. A key aspect of ensuring inclusivity and challenge in our curriculum is setting an appropriate pace. We do not encourage speed at the expense of depth, swiftness of coverage over security of that coverage and superficial knowledge at the expense of deep understanding.

We aim to ensure that by the time children leave Eastwood Primary, they are ‘Secondary ready’. In other words, that they are equipped with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding required for their next stage of learning when they leave our school.



At Eastwood it is our aim that children become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics. They should be able to reason mathematically. They should be able to solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of problems.


At Eastwood we follow the scheme Maths No Problem. Children learn through exploration and social interaction. Children learn best when they are immersed in an idea.  


At Eastwood, the children learn maths  through the CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach. The 5 abilities children need to acquire in mathematics at Eastwood are communication, visualisation, making connections, number sense and meta-cognition. Not only does this help them to become confident mathematicians but we are providing them with skills needed in later life. 


Policies and Curriculum Overviews