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Our Dog Mentors

We have three dog mentors at Eastwood Primary School and Nursery who help to nurture our children. 

Brenda is a cockapoo, she was born on May 21st 2021.

Bowie is a labrador, he was born on October 9th 2021 

Billy is a cockapoo, he was born July 8th 2022 

Rules for our Dogs:

All of our dogs have orange hi-vis coats or orange bandanas. When they are wearing these, they are working. 


1) Children must only touch the dogs when they are wearing their Dog mentor coats or bandanas. 

2) All children must ask the handler to touch the dogs before they stroke them. 

3) All children must follow the instructions of the handler when training or interacting with the dog mentors. 


This keeps us all safe and happy. 

See our Dogs in Action! 

Our dogs are used in many different way throughout the school, have a look through these pictures to see them working hard helping our children to learn and grow. 

Introductory letter about the dogs

Dogs in School Policy