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Extended Schools


The extended schools service, Sunrise and Sundown, is available for all full-time children from Reception to year 6. The extended schools service is intended to support the community. It provides the children with a safe stimulating environment, whilst providing support for families who are in work or are getting back into work or education. Our hope is that the service will help improve outcomes for children and their families. 


Staff are first aid trained and are food hygiene certificated. Appropriate ratios are met and risk assessments are conducted for all extended schools services. A maximum of 40 children are permitted to Sunrise and Sundown Clubs. 


Sunrise and Sundown Clubs are held in the school hall in Times Square hall.  Children must be accompanied to the door by an adult when attending Sunrise Club and must be supervised by their family member until an adult has answered the door. 



Opening times  

Sunrise Club: 7:40am - 8:35am.  At 8:35am children go to their classrooms.  


An option of cereal and juice is available for Sunrise Club. 



Opening times Sundown Club: 3:00pm - 5:30pm Please note  Sundown closes at 4.30pm at the last day of every half term


A light snack is provided for all children in Sundown Club. 



Sunrise Club £3:00 per session 

Sundown Club £5:00 for collection by 4:30pm £7:00 for collection by 5:30pm 


All fees are to be paid a month in advance. Fees can only be accepted with a completed booking form. All fees must be paid via PAY360.  


Registration fee

A £10 deposit will be requested when booking your place; this will be retained until you no longer require the service and may be used to balance any money owed. A deposit is required for all users.  If you no longer require a place, you will be taken off the register and your deposit will be refunded.  



Pupil Premium:  children eligible for pupil premium will receive a 50% discount off the session fee. Please speak to office to find out if you fit the criteria for pupil premium. 

Siblings: if you book places for two or more of your children, a 10% sibling discount will be applied. 

Please note that only one discount can be applied per booking. 


Non payment of fees 

If there are outstanding payments the child may not be permitted to use the facility and the deposit will be retained to help cover any money owing.  

If you are struggling to pay the club fees please speak to Mrs Shorten (Extended Schools Manager). 



Any absences from sessions booked will be charged in full. Sessions will not be rolled over. 



Bookings must be made with the schools booking form which will be emailed to parents/carers once registration is completed. A copy of the booking form can also be found below.  It is the parents/ carers responsibility to ensure that this booking form is emailed to the


All booking forms, and payments, must be completed and submitted a month in advance.  


Please do not assume spaces will be available for any session unless it has been previously booked and paid for. 


If your child is on a reduced timetable or dual registered, due to attending an alternative provision, they will be unable to access Extended Schools 


Booking and Payment will be suspended one week prior to all school holiday breaks.  The Pay360 facility will resume the first-day school returns after any holiday.  If a booking is required immediately on return from a holiday break this must be placed BEFORE the suspension period commences.

Late Collection 

If you are going to be late to collect your child, you will need to contact Miss Grover on the emergency number: 07871065148 and arrange for someone else to collect your child. A late fee will be incurred. 


If you have paid until 4:30pm and arrive to collect your child after that time, you will be billed for the whole session (an additional £2:00). If this happens on more than three occasions you will no longer be eligible to book the shorter session. 


Sundown will close at 5:30pm if you are late to collect your child you will incur a £5:00 fine for every 15 minutes that you are late. In addition to this, a call may be made to social care to collect your child from the premises. From 5:30pm there will not be anyone at school to supervise your child. It is your responsibility to collect your child on time. 


If you arrive to collect your child after 5:30pm on more than three occasions, your place may be withdrawn. 


If the school deems there has been continuous late collection of your child we may inform social care. 


We expect all our children to follow our school rules whilst attending Sunrise and Sundown.  If their behaviour becomes an issue families  will be contacted, if it continues to be an issue the child's place will be withdrawn.