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Fine Motor Skills

Gross motor skills involve the larger muscles in the arms, legs and torso. Gross motor activities include walking, running, throwing, lifting, kicking, etc. These skills also relate to body awareness, reaction speed, balance and strength.


Fine motor skills involve the use of the smaller muscle of the hands, commonly in activities like using pencils, scissors, construction with lego or duplo,  doing up buttons and opening lunch boxes.


What skills do ‘fine motor skills’ include?

  • Academics skills  including
    • Pencil skills (scribbling, colouring, drawing, writing)
    • Scissors skills (cutting)
  • Play
    • Construction skills using lego, duplo, puzzles, train tracks
    • Doll dressing and manipulation
    • IT use (e.g. mouse)
  • Self-care including
    • dressing – tying shoelaces, doling up sandals, zips, buttons, belts
    • eating – using cutlery, opening lunch boxes and food bags
    • hygiene – cleaning teeth, brushing hair, toileting.