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Inclusion (Year 3)

I am selling sweets during break time all this week, Monday 12th February 2024. This is to raise money for the Openwork Foundation as I am running the London Marathon. Sweets are 50p a bag.

Thank you for your support.

Miss Dane

Welcome to Inclusion Class with Miss Allison!

Come and explore our classroom...

Key dates


Friday 16th February - non pupil day (Half term) 


Thursday 29th February - Year 3 Assembly to parents 


Thursday 29th March - British Museum trip


Spellings will be given out every Monday and due for the following Monday.


Our Maths homework each week is to practise our KIRFs and compete in our Times Tables Rock Stars tournaments! Please see below for more information on our KIRFs for this half term.


Our PE days are on Wednesdays and Fridays every week.


At the end of the day, most of Year 3 leave via the playground.

We will only dismiss children from the gate by Reception after we have dismissed all those leaving from the playground first.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. 





Our Stars of the Week are... 

This week...


This week in Inclusion Class we created our own class band called 'Inclusion Fusion.' In DT we made ancient Egyptian shadufs and in RE we visited St Laurence Church. Inclusion were fantastic! 

Week beginning: 5.02.24


This week we have been learning all about Beethoven and his composing. We listened to Symphony No.5 and we drew how the notes sounded. We discovered the song was a twisty tune due to the significant changes in tempo and rhythm throughout. We then made our own twisty tunes on the glockenspiels. 

Week beginning: 29.01.24


This week in Inclusion Class we have started looking at length in Maths and in English the features of a non - chronological report. In Science we tested friction with cars, ramps and materials and we measured how far a car would travel on those different surfaces. In Outdoor Learning we made a shaduf which was used to transport water in Ancient Egypt and we also mummified apples!

Week beginning: 22.01.24


This week in Inclusion Class we explored Tutankhamun's tomb and wrote about it using our 5 senses. On Tuesday we were visited by Rock Kids. Everyone looked amazing! On Thursday we joined in with a live interview with a LEGO worker. We found out that LEGO gets put in the oven to be tested. If the bricks remain together then the product can be sold!

In Maths we have been looking at dividing with remainders and in PSHE we made gardens for people with disabilities. Everyone worked so hard. Well done Inclusion Class.


Week beginning: 15.01.24


This week in Inclusion Class we have been multiplying and dividing 2 - digit numbers by 1 - digit numbers. In English we wrote a letter to Lord Carnarvon about the discovery of Tutankhamun and in Science we looked at friction in our classroom with a variety of different objects.

Week beginning: 8.01.24

This week in Inclusion Class we looked at related calculations in Maths, we started our new Egyptian topic in English and in RE we learnt about different types of prayer.

In Science, we explored different contact forces and we carried out our own contact force experiments with cups, balls, string, water and tape. It was so much fun! 

Week beginning: 11.12.23


This week in Inclusion Class we had a fantastic Stone Age day. We began our day by writing a trip recount, we then answered some Celtic Harmony Maths questions and we finished our day by making our own dens in the construction area. It was great fun! 

Week beginning: 4.12.23


This week in Inclusion Class we performed our poems aloud showing intonation, tone, expression and volume. In Maths looked at our 8 times tables and in computing we planned our own Stone Age animations. We also had a great time eating our Christmas dinner. It was very festive and fun! 

Week beginning 27.11.23


We have had such an amazing week in Inclusion Class. On Monday we looked at how words can affect people and we did this with an apple. We passed one apple around and said kind things to the apple. When we cut the apple it was perfect on the inside. However, when we passed the second apple around we said unkind things to it. When we cut into it, the apple was bruised and damaged. This showed us that even though people may look fine on the outside, when unkind things are said it can hurt and damage someone and the words can't be taken back. 


On Thursday we went to Celtic Harmony. We hunted a mammoth, made thyme soup, took part in flint knapping, became hunter gatherers listened to a Stone Age myth and made some incredible dens. Inclusion were amazing! 


TTRS Scores:

Inclusion - 1,396

Resilience - 462

Week beginning: 20.11.23


This week in English we were poetry detectives and we were exploring the features of kenning and diamante poems. In Maths we were grouping, sharing and multiplying by 3 and in Science we drew round our friends and labelled some parts of the human body. 

Week beginning: 13.11.23


This week in DT we made our own Stone Age woven baskets based from our original designs. In Outdoor Learning we made lots of different patterns and we had great fun participating in lots of different nature themed activities.


We were so lucky to meet Jordan Catchpole on Thursday. He told us all about the Olympics, his next goals and he taught us some new fitness skills. It was great fun!


TTRS Scores:

Inclusion - 1,435

Resilience - 170

Week beginning: 6.11.23


This week in English we wrote a diary entry using verbs and adverbs and in Maths we looked at estimations and how to use the inverse method. In Music we performed using the notes E and D on the glockenspiels and we then learnt about the importance of pulse and how it is written on a stave. Well done everyone!



Week beginning: 30.10.23


This week in History we became hunter gatherers and we explored the school grounds hunting for food like they did in the Old Stone Age. We then explored the new method of farming and how much more efficient it was in creating permanent homes, protection, specialised labour skills and trade!


In English we have been looking at a new instruction book about washing a mammoth. We then washed different animals ourselves and used imperative verbs to explain what we did.


In Science we had great fun sorting the different foods into their food groups and in Maths we have been adding and subtracting 3- digit and 2 - digit numbers. Well done Inclusion!


TTRS Scores:

Inclusion - 282

Resilience - 372

Week beginning: 16.10.23


This week in English we made our own comic strips based on our book 'UG.' In Maths we have learnt column addition and subtraction and in DT we designed our own baskets ready to make after half term!


We won the TTRS tournament again

Inclusion - 1,681 - WINNERS!!

Resilience - 1,679


I hope you all have an amazing half term! :) 

Week beginning: 2.10.23


This week in Maths we began our new addition and subtraction topic. In English we read our new Stone Age book called 'UG' and we did lots of activities about inferencing and the different characters. In Handwriting we wrote our spellings in rainbow colours which was super fun! We also had great fun at the campfire where we sung songs and ate marshmallows!


Unfortunately we did not win the TTRS tournament - Keep practising at home so we can win next week! 

Resilience - 1,006

Inclusion - 804

In Inclusion Class we made our own friendship recipes on what makes the most amazing friend. We carefully selected our ingredients and they turned out excellently. Take a look at some below! 

Key documents

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